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2334 Arden Way Sacramento, CA 95825-4017, United States
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4 /5 Classificação média

I appreciate togo's upper management for immediately addressing my concerns.

1 /5 Classificação média

We just had a company event where Togo's sandwiches were brought in from the Arden, Sacramento Togos.

1 /5 Classificação média

I'm really disappointed this time Togo's.

4 /5 Classificação média

Kind counter sandwich makers. They Certainly Add More Meats to the sandwich then Subway. Only disappointment was the quality of the broccoli cheese soup has disappeared. The last two times were the last time I will ever buy them. Both times I ordered two cups of it and barely forced the first one down only to throw the second into the garbage. The first time it happened I figured it was a fluke but after this last time...never again and it's too sad as I used to look forward to them. The TOGO's in Folsom still has delicious Broccoli Cheddar Soup though! It's a long drive but sometimes it's worth it. Too bad Arden way losses my business once a week when I go out there for soups and sandwiches (I stock up too)

4 /5 Classificação média

I like the staff. Very friendly and good product. However, I am very disappointed that everytime I go the. The garbage can is over flowing and out side is a mess. Windows are not cleaned regularly. I still go there, but I hope they pay a little more attention to the outside sitting area. I will remove my photos once I see they pay more attention to the outside area. I've been a big Togo's fan for over 30 years and would love to see each store perform at the standard that they are capable of.

5 /5 Classificação média

Second time in good service, good sandwiches at a reasonable price. Operates as advertised.