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5913 Broadway Sacramento , CA 95820, United States
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5/5 Rating average

the service here is unmatched and eating is delicious, no matter what they get! a great place for brunch with friends and family. definitiw the wait worth, but I would recommend going on a weekday to avoid the waiting time. my only wish is that they had an espresso machine for latte!

5/5 Rating average

don't go to her cheat day here! unless they get a hell of a place. had a great caffe like this hunted for a continued, but unfortunately I was on a adjusted meal plan (date) and had to voluntarily reduce my calorie intake. went anyway! my wife made me do it. she had the grilled cheese benny, it looked good. she ate it twice. once in the restaurant and then again in my (our) home. really it's an airbnb that we don't own, but I saw her enjoy twice. I had the cali burrito since we were in sacramento. not sure how the zimtrolle in my face and mouth ended, but it would be rude to waste food, so kumpel, I ate that ware! I also made photos to prove that we were there, but forget to be on the photos. but if you see yourself, you can see my shadow!