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Bragança, Travessa Ze Machado, Braganca 5300-377, Portugal
58 Avaliações 4.1

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3/5 Rating average

Out hiking the old town of Braganca; around the town square and environs when the lunch pangs hit. We walked by what seemed to be endless cafes and it seemed like we'd have to walk up to the castle before we'd find a restaurant that was open for lunch. Then, out of the blue, Restaurant Sport appears. It's in the direction of the castle, on a little side street, only a couple of minutes walk from the town square. A restaurant, and open for lunch! And full of locals too! The inside really was packed, but a table was available on the outside so we claimed it. Table next to us had a big platter of chicken with a pile of great looking fries and rice. We knew we were in a spot that would satisfy us. Service was slow, it was the height of the lunch rush and only two servers and the bartender. Never did see a wine list, easiest way to get some wine and water was to stand next to the cooler and when a waiter walking by point to the white wine we wanted and some water bottles too. For food we ordered the Porto specialty sandwich, the Francesinha, which is several different kinds of meat and melted cheese in a tomato sauce. The sauce here was a little spicy which gave the sandwich an extra boost. I was surprised though that it did not come with fires or any side of any kind. The steak did come with fries and rice,and the fries were crispy -- not something you always find. Mixed salads were also pretty good. Good value too!

5/5 Rating average

Found this restaurant accidentally when looking for a place to have lunch in Braganca. It was full of locals (which is always a good sign) and we had to wait for 10 minutes until we've got a table. The fixed price lunch menu included: bread, wine, a soup or a salad, a meat or a fish dish with side dishes (potatoes and rice), a choice of dessert and a coffee. We took the soup and the meat dish, all was excellent, huge portions. And the best thing was the bill, the complete menu (incl. wine, dessert and coffee) was just EUR 9,50 per person! We highly recommend it!