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10 Rue Laitiere, 14400, Bayeux, France
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No La Maison Blanche, oferecemos um cardápio que conta com 26 pratos, cada um deles uma sinfonia de sabores. Cada prato, cuidadosamente elaborado, promete uma experiência gastronômica única que combina tradição e inovação. Estamos ansiosos para recebê-lo em uma jornada culinária sem igual.

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Segunda-feira 12:00 - 14:00 | 18:00 - 23:00

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5 /5 Classificação média

First. call tel. 7 p.m. for a reservation wishes at 9 p.m. very pros and agreement of a charming waituseau restaurant very well welcomed and one end very well on the terrace has a beautiful roses that say dishes taken a marvel. duo de saint jacques et gambas and a roasted bar with vanillesuperbe and very good the rosé wine side of provence in promo to 10 euros per person at will it was excellent service very good and the very professional boss and puts at ease it is a real passionatebravo to all of you

1 /5 Classificação média

Doing business in Bayeux had received notification of email confirmation of our dinner reservation. Arrived on time and told by manager/owner?? he received the online reservation clearly in sight but was double booked tonight. He had no remorse and waved us...out of the restaurant. Don’t waste your time if this is how he treats potential customers can’t imagine how he treats his staff! Character Counts! Instead go to Le Moulin de la Galette delicious food and lovely staff!

5 /5 Classificação média

Now rebranded as Maidon B, this place is a hoot in large part due to eclectic proprietor Jean who wants to make sure it’s a fun and festive evening out for all. We had a 7:40 reservation and we’re unfortunately the first diners on a...Friday night-others started arringvaround 8 with 8:30 being prime time. I said “hello” to Jean and told him we’d heard about him. Next thing you know we are having conks shots (on the house) and my wife is trying to remember how to play a song on the piano from memory. We were then serenaded by a friend of Jean’s while we settled in with the menu and our wine. Later Jean cajoled us into a second after dinner then later, shots of Calvados brandy(all in the house). As for what I remember of the food, well presented and tasty. I had sole meunière and my wife a salmon with béarnaise. Both came with rice and bread. Most diners also chose a first course but we were going a bit lighter. It’s France so for sure have a dessert-they are always amazing. Go expecting a good time and with an adventurous attitude and enjoy.

4 /5 Classificação média

fortunately I loved this restaurant because some obviously have difficulty accepting criticism. We were many and could have a good idea of the different dishes offered: we have feasted with delicious seafood, the sauces are good (but we must love cream and butter because there are everywhere, but at the same time we are in Normandy. we enjoyed it) , go if I risk a little criticism: accompaniment is the same for all dishes, and this skill that seems to be frozen denotes with the rest of the meal. the service was impeccable and the very smiling waitresses. the place is atypical but very welcoming.

5 /5 Classificação média

an excellent time spent in this friendly restaurant. The table is excellent and the owner of the place is a passionate wine (at very affordable prices)Leave you guided by his advice and you will only be more satisfied. We'll come back!

5 /5 Classificação média

It's the kind of culinary experience we've been hoping for in france. fabulous food, excellent wine and excellent service. We both ordered the chef's specialities table for the day. I had shrimps and scallops and my wife had a dorade. absolutely the best meal we had in france.

5 /5 Classificação média

patricia of the bayeux hotel recommended this restaurant and we were not disappointed! We arrived 30 minutes before the opening and were chased. I point out that the local guide said they opened at 6:30 p.m. and they said "the book was false and it was not his problem"! we walked a little and came back quickly at 7:00. we were given a very nice table and our waitress was very cordial and explained what the different dishes were (we don't know French.) we were more than satisfied with our selection of dishes and wines. At the end of the meal, the waitress brought a sealed bottle of calvados and said she was on the house. I assumed she meant that we could each take a picture, but she literally meant that we could drink the whole bottle. I loved it, but my wife wasn't so much. recommend this restaurant to all those who visit bayeux!

5 /5 Classificação média

we were recommended by our hotel and it is absolutely superb, the best meal then darling, the staff is attentive and very friendly, the food is just exquisite, the background music is just what it takes