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41 avenue de la Liberation, 33740 Ares, France, Arès
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Entre no Sushi bay em 41 avenue de la Liberation, 33740 Ares, France, Arès para uma experiência gastronômica sem igual. Com nosso cardápio tantalizante e um ambiente que exala conforto, você ficará encantado com cada momento passado aqui. De favoritos tradicionais a criações inovadoras, nossos pratos do 22 capturam a essência da diversidade culinária em Sushi bay. Cada prato conta uma história, um conto saboroso que ressoa em cada mordida. Experimente a alegria de jantar conosco.

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4 /5 Classificação média

A nice surprise tonight in this Japanese. a course of fish as a victim of his success this week makes, I flew on a tray of 24 pieces makis !!!! fresh, copied, made at the request in front of you and well presented. I've done it again.

4 /5 Classificação média

Too bad they don't make home delivery out of summer season. The cabbage salad is good and is not the one served in all Japanese (Chinese) in large city. The service is welcoming. The dishes are good and the slices of fish are thick. (this would be a pity in a town near the sea)

5 /5 Classificação média

everything is fresh, they work in front of you, the makis are delicious and the rest, as long as we go around, we'll look for trays to take away, the soups are delicious. more expensive than sushi shop!!

5 /5 Classificação média

beautiful makis, a pleasant service. fresh products. really delicious every time.

2 /5 Classificação média

good it takes first of all patience we had ordered by such but despite this delay however they give each other badly and apologized several times.For what is tuna tartare, it is fresh and copied (happyly pre the price 12€ without rice) but the sauce that is with is really weird so requested without sauce! the salad of cabbage to avoid too fade and without flavor!The rest was good but without more!!Warning the sweet sauce is neither sweet nor salty we couldn't say it!

4 /5 Classificação média

We ordered our sushi on site.Tre beautiful diversified map. The sushi are made in front of you, so they are very fresh. The display fish was super appetizing. For my part, no one has said again, we have been welcomed. If I want to eat Japanese, I'll go back there.

4 /5 Classificação média

Of course you have to wait a bit to taste the sushis nicely presented in the beans to take away: normal, they are drawn live in front of you!! First quality pledge for the reception, the first impression blocks us a bit but it's just enough to exchange with the manager during the preparations to realize that they are very nice the frame is not top to eat on site, but to take it is perfect, genosite for the sauces!

1 /5 Classificação média

there’s nothing to say about the quality of the products offered, it’s delicious but the reception and service is so mediocre, it’s disrespectful, that it cuts your appetite it deserves to know,